10 ways the iPhone has changed our lives in last 10 years

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Happy 10th Anniversary to our dear iPhones. Wibbitz has listed ten ways our lives have changed, thanks to ten years with the iPhone.

1. Selfies: The iPhone 4 brought the front-facing camera to smartphones in 2010.

2. Touchscreens: Until the iPhone, physical keyboards had been present on all of the biggest sellers in the mobile phone market.

3. Unified music and phones: After the iPhone, music on phones became standard for most people.

4. 24/7 Internet: The iPhone ushered in an age of all Internet, all the time.

5. We don’t have to carry calculators, flashlights and alarm clocks anymore.

6. App Store: The humble app is behind the success of the iPhone and has spawned hundreds of major companies from Instagram to Uber.

7. Threaded text messages: This may be impossible to remember, but before the iPhone’s threaded message interface, texts were stored as individual files within a menu.

8. Apple Pay: It’s not been around for long, but the Apple Pay system is already looking like it could be a catalyst to the world becoming cash-free.

9. GPS: The arrival of GPS technology crossed with the arrival of apps meant never getting lost again.

10. Siri: Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, first launched with the iPhone 4s in 2011, giving users a new way to interact with their devices.

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