CHRONICLE AD FACT CHECK: Did Rauner create jobs? Numbers say no

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Governor Bruce Rauner’s campaign released a new ad Monday. In the ad, Rauner claimed he has brought in thousands of new jobs and unemployment is down.

Did Rauner create jobs? We look at the numbers.

Illinois lost a staggering 10,800 jobs in the month of September, according to the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES). It was the worst month for job loss since August 2009.

And it’s part of a larger, alarming trend. Over the last three months, Illinois has lost roughly 4,200 jobs per month from July to September.

Looking specifically at manufacturing jobs, Illinois has lost more than 16,000 durable goods manufacturing jobs since Governor Rauner took office in 2015.

The numbers don’t lie. Both Illinois and federal sources painting a much bleaker picture of the job market in Illinois.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that Illinois has lost almost 30,000 jobs since January 2016. Since February 2015, the number is slightly better: 40,000 added jobs.

And in July, Illinois Department of Employment Security IDES Director Jeff Mays said, “The strong employment growth exhibited in the U.S. is not being felt in Illinois. Nonfarm payroll growth in the state remains anemic and labor force participation continues to decline.”

A 2017 study by Wallet Hub’s, “Illinois continues to be in a fiscal free fall, with a record $14.5 billion in unpaid debt — imperiling its schools and social programs — as well as the second-highest unemployment rate in the Midwest.”

Further, November’s University of Illinois Flash Index, a monthly indicator of the state’s economy based on the state’s tax receipts and consumer spending, again showed Illinois’ economic growth is slowing further under Governor Bruce Rauner.

The index is at its lowest level in five years, according to economist J. Fred Giertz, who pointed at the fiscal issues resulting from the state’s more than two-year budget crisis under Rauner.

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