CHRONICLE FACT CHECK: Rauner claims he’s proposed a balanced budget every year

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THE CLAIM: “I have proposed a balanced budget every year I’ve been governor.” –Governor Bruce Rauner


THE FACTS: Rauner has never proposed a balanced budget.

In May 2015, the nonpartisan fiscal watching, the Civic Federation, released a scathing report saying that Rauner’s FY 16 budget did not add up and would leave the state in worse shape. In May 2016, a Civic Federation report found Rauner’s FY 2017 budget was unbalanced by $3.5 billion.

Rauner did though have a chance to sign a balanced budget –which he did not do. In July, after a 736-day standoff between the Governor and legislators, the General Assembly overrode the Governor’s objections and passed a state budget. The $36.1 billion budget was balanced and was passed by 3/5 majorities with members of both parties.

The Governor had vetoed the bill, claiming that the budget does not make sufficient cuts. However, the budget cuts spending $2.5 billion from the current year’s spending and spends a full $1 billion less than the Governor’s own proposed budget.

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