CHRONICLE: Lieutenant Governor considered leaving Rauner ticket over disagreements

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Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti considered leaving Governor Bruce Rauner’s 2018 gubernatorial ticket, according to a revealing interview with the Chicago Tribune.

Sanguinetti reportedly had a conversation expressing her displeasure with some of the Governor’s decisions. “It was not easy,” said Sanguinetti of the discussion. “And him and I talked about it, and he did tell me at the end of the day that he needed me to be there with him.”

But Sanguinetti was not convinced and considered whether or not she could continue to partner with Rauner. “I told him I needed to pray on it,” she said.

Sanguinetti is latest in a line of top Republicans to publicly share their frustration and criticism with Rauner.

Rauner’s Republican primary challenger, State Rep. Jeanne Ives said, “Governor Rauner’s the one who has created a civil war in the Republican Party… he absolutely violated every principle that is core to the Republican Party. He’s done this to himself.”

Another Republican, State Rep. Allen Skillcorn, R-East Dundee, said in a statement, “Rauner has failed as a leader, both as governor and head of the Illinois Republican Party.”

Republican Senator Sam McCann, R-Planview, said, “it is clear that the Illinois Republican Party, including several of the county party organizations, has lost its way under Gov. Rauner.”

Sanguinetti specifically named Rauner’s record on criminal justice as an area of disagreement. According to the Tribune, Sanguinetti said she would grant more clemency petitions to people seeking jobs in law enforcement or helping in their community.

Rauner has granted just 3 percent of clemency requests. Former Governor Pat Quinn approved around 36 percent of requests.

While Sanguinetti ultimately did decide to continue to work for Rauner, she had one additional complaint: “So, he doesn’t know how to dress. And I’ve tried to help, but brother won’t listen.”

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