CHRONICLE: Rauner once again rated country’s most vulnerable governor

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The latest political prognosticator has rated Governor Bruce Rauner the country’s most vulnerable governor, a distinction many publications have made lately.

The Hotline, run by the National Journal, wrote that Rauner’s position is Democrats’ “best pickup opportunity… Democratic nominee J.B. Pritzker won 200,000 more votes in his decisive March primary than Rauner, who won re-nomination by just 2 points. The latest polling puts Pritzker, heir to the Hyatt fortune, up 18 points in a state that Hillary Clinton won by a similar margin, and his odds further improved when Rauner’s alienation of the right led to a third-party challenge from GOP state Sen. Sam McCann.”

Rauner’s approval ratings are at record lows. One poll found Rauner is much less liked than President Donald Trump statewide. Rauner’s favorable rating has sunk to an epic low with just 26% of Illinois voters saying they have a favorable view of the Governor. 63% have an unfavorable view. Meanwhile President Donald Trump has a favorability of 37% of voters statewide, while 58% rated him unfavorably.

Among just Republican voters, the poll found that just 49% view Rauner favorably, while President Trump’s scores 73% favorable among those voters. “That’s just spectacularly lousy for a governor who isn’t under criminal investigation,” said Illinois political blogger Rich Miller, of the results.

In addition to the Hotline, the respected non-partisan political prognosticator The Cook Report and political publication Politico both labeled Rauner as the most vulnerable incumbent seeking re-election in 2018. The Cook Report analysis noted that “Rauner has been under siege for much of his term,” due to his failure to pass a state budget.

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