CHRONICLE: Rauner proclaimed “the worst Republican governor in America” by conservative publication

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A brutal new cover story in this month’s National Review, a major conservative publication, has named Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner “the worst Republican governor in America.”

The derisive story by John J. Miller eviscerates Rauner’s performance as governor, saying, “This much is clear: Illinois hardly could do worse. It suffers from one of the weakest economies in the nation, with the slowest personal-income growth, low labor-force participation, and distressing levels of manufacturing-job losses.”

In addition to highlighting Rauner’s poor record on the economy and creating jobs, it also features the failure to pass any of his “Turnaround Agenda” reforms.

Miller wrote, “He reduced his goals to just five, including a property-tax freeze, tort reform, and term limits. He also announced that he’d trade a tax increase for substantive gains. ‘Take everything else off the table,’ he said.”

“The result was a two-year budget deadlock. Rauner failed to achieve any of his major objectives, with the possible exception of breaking the Democrats’ supermajority in the statehouse.”

The National Review’s story comes on the heels of a string of polls showing Rauner’s approval rating tanking in the mid-30s – one of the worst approval ratings of sitting Governors in the nation.

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