CHRONICLE: Report: Rauner violated anti-patronage law in hiring

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Governor Bruce Rauner violated an anti-patronage law with improper hiring, according to a new report by the Office of the Executive Inspector General.

The report said Rauner, on paper, described the positions as sensitive, policymaking posts that the governor can fill with politically loyal allies. However, the Inspector General found that the jobs were routine and should have been hired without political consideration.

“While the OEIG did not find evidence that the governor’s office staff placed individuals into exempt positions knowing they would not be doing exempt work, the OEIG’s investigation revealed that the governor’s office, like CMS, did not prioritize this issue and believed it was someone else’s responsibility,” the report stated.

Illinois law prohibits the governor from using political affiliation to fill state jobs, though a small amount is not subject to the law, including spokespeople and high level advisors.

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