CIPROUD: School Districts React to Year 3 Without a State Budget

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Central Illinois Proud is reporting, “The state is in year 3 without a budget as the deadline to pass a spending plan was Wednesday night. Local superintendents who haven’t seen a full slate of funding from the state this year are unsure what this means for next year.

“We’re really past the point of ridiculousness, it’s time for a budget and it’s time for people in Springfield to step up and start leading.” Tremont District 702 Superintendent, Jeff Hinman, said.

Frustration is mounting as local schools say the state is failing when it comes to funding.

“The state has a responsibility investing in our kids and when they don’t do that it puts the burden back on us to try to figure out and make our best guesses from year to year.” Hinman said.

About 40% of Tremont School District’s budget comes from the state. Taxpayers pick up the rest. It’s owed over $425,000 in areas like transportation and Special Ed…”


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