DAILY HERALD: 6 examples of how the state budget mess hurts in suburbs

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The Daily Herald is reporting, “Essie Martin’s job includes such tasks as shaving assistance, teaching how to open a potato chip bag and detecting why one of the adults with developmental disabilities she cares for is injuring himself.

At about $11 an hour, Martin’s a bargain, a fact her employers at the Ray Graham Association realize as co-workers leave for better pay but that the organization is powerless to fix amid Illinois’ budget spiral.

On Wednesday, for the third year in a row, Gov. Bruce Rauner and legislators failed to reach a budget deal.

It caused little surprise but more pain for those who are owed money by the state or whose funding has been cut. At Ray Graham, one out of four jobs caring for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities is vacant, CEO Kim Zoeller said…”

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