DAILY HERALD: Sweet home Chicago-style deep dish you can make yourself

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The Daily Herald’s Don Mauer is writing, “Who doesn’t love hot-out-of-the-oven pizza?

My favorite is a cracker crisp, thin-crust pizza, followed closely by virtually the opposite; Chicago-style deep dish pizza.

For some unknown reason during the last few months, I’ve been fixated on making pizza at home. It began with finding a frozen gluten-free crust (Trader Joe’s is decent). Then, looking to keep preparation time to a minimum I tried and liked Trader Joe’s organic frozen pizza crust.

I started making pizza more than 50 years ago using boxed ingredients and sausage from the local A&P grocery store. Over the following years, I slowly learned how to make better and better pizza. During my college years, I delivered pizzas in the summer for college money. Since I lived in Evanston, my first two summers were spent hustling pizzas for Gigio’s Pizzeria…”

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