DAILY JOURNAL: Bill backlog brings criticism from comptroller

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The Kankakee Daily Journal is reporting, “State Comptroller Susana Mendoza has a chart she likes to show people. It’s a simple graph, charting the growth of the Illinois general fund backlog over time – money due to nursing homes, colleges, social service providers, local governments and other organizations across the state.

The graph starts in 2011, with Illinois facing nearly $8 billion in unpaid bills. The backlog decreased steadily over former Gov. Pat Quinn’s second term, reaching $5 billion by the time Gov. Bruce Rauner took office. Under Rauner, it climbed again to a high of almost $17 billion.

“I’ve never said Rauner created this mess,” Mendoza said, looking over the chart on her Thursday visit to the Daily Journal offices, “but what he did, indisputably, is triple the bill backlog.”…”

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