JOURNAL-REGISTER: Illinois comptroller wants to stop governors’ payroll “off-shoring”

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The State Journal-Register is reporting, “Comptroller Susana Mendoza said Thursday she wants to stop the practice of governors hiding employee salaries by shifting costs to state agencies.

Surrounded by three Democratic and one Republican lawmaker, Mendoza called for lawmakers to pass the “Truth In Hiring” law that requires governors to pay executive office employees out of the budget set aside for the executive office.

It would prohibit the practice of “off-shoring” in which employees who are part of the executive office staff have their salaries paid out of money set aside for state agencies. One of the more notable examples was when it was discovered Gov. Bruce Rauner’s former education secretary, Beth Purvis, was having her $250,000 contract paid out of the Department of Human Services budget. The administration defended the arrangement by saying part of Purvis’ job involved early childhood development, a program handled by DHS…”

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