JOURNAL STAR: Google balloons soar 54,000 feet above Peoria

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The Peoria Journal Star is reporting, “Like the past few days, it appears this one might be gloomy and rainy. Certainly not good for stargazing or viewing of anything else in the sky.

Last weekend was much better for that. But something unique apparently drifted over the Peoria area then, although nobody on the ground would have been able to see it unaided.

A Nick in the Morning co-conspirator sent us a screenshot from a flight-tracking website. Some outer-space contraption, based on appearances, was tracked at more than 54,000 feet above this area, at mean sea level.

Our source told us at least four or five of these things popped up on the flight tracker.

We checked with Gene Olson, the director of the Peoria international airport, to see if he had any insight. Olson searched the internet, as did we, and came up with an answer: Project Loon.

That isn’t code for some super-secret government UFO thing. Turns out it’s another product of Google, the service nobody who uses the internet can seem to live without…”

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