JOURNAL STAR: Sparkly pizza, bagels and gravy: Nothing is safe from edible glitter’s reach

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The Peoria Journal Star is reporting, “First things first: There is a difference between “edible” and “nontoxic” glitter. This is an important distinction you will need to remember if you want to participate in what is shaping up to be one of 2018′s biggest and most controversial trends: decorating everything from cookies to pizza with a sprinkling of shiny sparkles. And no, it’s not the kind you buy in the craft aisle.

Edible glitter has been popping up on more and more food items lately – a natural extension of the childlike rainbow and unicorn trends that have overtaken social media. At first, it was mostly a cake-decorating thing – wedding cakes, frosted cookies and special occasion treats. But last year, it made the jump to coffee, adding an emphatic shimmer to latte art. It showed up in prosecco, which is already sort of sparkly to begin with. Several brewers have put it in beer.

“It gives it this really cool – it’s hard to describe, but lava lamp galaxy effect in the glass,” said Madeleine McCarthy, who made a glitter beer called Gold Dust Woman for Sasquatch Brewery in Portland, Oregon. “You can see all of these glitter swirls. All of it coming together in the glass is pretty magical.” The beer sold out in less than a week…”

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