KWQC: Lack of funding leads to closure of Family Planning and Women’s Care Clinic in Rock Island County

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KWQC is reporting, “As the state of Illinois enters its third year without a budget, family planning and women’s care clinics are taking a hit. The Rock Island County Health Department announced the Family Planning and Women’s Care Clinic will close at the end of the month. Chief Operating Officer, Janet Hill, said lack of funding has been an issue for several years.

“We’ve been facing serious budget shortfalls for more than 3 years,” Hill said. “Over the last three fiscal years we’ve lost more than half a million dollars and it just no longer was sustainable.”

According to Hill, three years ago the clinic had a budget of $300,000 and they are now operating on less than $100,000. Family Planning services are funded primarily through federal and state grants. Since 2010, Hill said grants have been cut by 64 percent…”


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