New ad blasts “The Rauner Record”

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While Governor Rauner has been on airwaves across the state for a month with a series of television ads, it appears that the campaign calling Rauner’s performance as Governor into question is heating up.

A new ad is circulating that blasts Governor Bruce Rauner over his record in office in contrast to the promises made in his election night speech in 2014.

The 60-second ad is set to audio and video clips of the speech, while on-screen text in bold black and white describe what the ad calls, “The Rauner Record.”

The ad opens with Rauner discussing the right of Illinois workers to a booming economy, while text on the screen notes that Illinois has the highest unemployment in the country.

The ad recalls Rauner’s $2.3 billion cuts to higher education as Rauner’s voice claims that Illinois students and children deserve the best schools in America.

Rauner in the speech calls on voters to judge him by how he cares for “our most vulnerable citizens,” but the ad notes that more than 1 million have lost services, 47,000 children have lost healthcare, and 22,000 seniors who have lost services like Meals on Wheels.

Finally, the ad concludes with Rauner’s call to come together on a bipartisan basis, contrasted with the Governor’s failure to pass a budget in the prior two years, while growing the debt to its largest point ever: $200 billion.

The ad, which says Rauner is failing Illinois, appears to be circulating online, statewide.

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