Northeastern Illinois to cut 180 jobs due to budget impasse

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Interim President Richard Helldobler in an email to Northeastern Illinois University faculty and staff announced today that the university is being forced to implement 180 layoffs as the result of the inability of Governor Bruce Rauner to pass a budget for more than two years.

Helldobler’s email read, “I am writing to inform Northeastern’s faculty and staff that the University will begin the implementation of layoffs as a result of a two-year state budget impasse that has deprived us of both an FY16 and FY17 appropriation.

“The University has a $10.8 million projected cash flow shortfall through September 30. To address this and the lack of a state appropriation, Northeastern will be eliminating at least 50 Administrative and Professional (A&P) positions and approximately 130 Civil Service positions, which account for about 25 percent of each of these employee groups. In total, that is about 180 positions. Layoff notification and the Civil Service bumping process begin immediately and will take place during the next several weeks.”

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