CHRONICLE: Republican legislator calls on Rauner to resign

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In a shocking move, a Republican state legislator has called on Governor Bruce Rauner to resign, following the Governor’s state of the state address Wednesday. Republican State Representative John Cabello, appearing on a radio show, specifically cited the Governor’s dishonesty when calling for his resignation.

“When you tell someone you are not going to do something, you should stick to your word,” Cabello said. “I can’t trust any words that he says from here on out.” When asked about Rauner’s speech, Cabello simply said, “I was raised that if you have nothing nice to say you shouldn’t say it at all.”

While no others have been as dramatic to call for his resignation, Republican lawmakers have not been shy about expressing their frustration and disappointment with Governor Rauner.

Republican Senator Sam McCann, R-Planview, announcing his retirement said, “it is clear that the Illinois Republican Party, including several of the county party organizations, has lost its way under Gov. Rauner… this is no longer a Republican Party that is recognizable to me.”

State Rep. Allen Skillcorn, R-East Dundee, said in a statement, “Rauner has failed as a leader, both as governor and head of the Illinois Republican Party.”

Disaffected Republicans are flocking to support Rauner’s primary opponent, State Rep. Jeanne Ives. Just this week a major Rauner donor flipped his support, giving Ives a $500,000 contribution.

Ives has also received high profile endorsements from Republicans in recent weeks, further dividing the party and making clear Republicans’ distrust and dislike of the Rauner agenda. State Representatives Tom Morrison (R-Palatine), Peter Breen (R-Lombard), Margo McDermed (R-Frankfort), and Allen Skillicorn (R-East Dundee), State Sen. Kyle McCarter (R-Vandalia), State Representatives David McSweeney (R-Cary), Barb Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake), and Tim Bivins (R-Dixon), Cook County Board of Review Commissioner Dan Patlak, Naperville Township Commissioner Warren Dixon, and Wheatland Township Trustee Raquel Mitchell have all endorsed.

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