SUN-TIMES: ‘The Daily Show’ consummates Trevor Noah’s ‘love affair with Chicago’

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The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting, “Before Trevor Noah was on American TV, the South African transplant was making his name as a stand-up comic, playing lots of U.S. towns and finding some more accommodating than others.

But there was one place where Noah always felt wanted.

“Chicago was one of the few cities that welcomed me when I was a comedian that nobody knew,” he told the Sun-Times earlier this week. “You always remember those places, and you always strive to come back to them. I had a love affair with Chicago long before most of America or other cities had a love affair with me.”

So when it came time for Noah, now the acclaimed host and executive producer of one of TV’s most influential series, to take “The Daily Show” on the road, he knew where to go…”

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