THE SOUTHERN: Fuel experts say gas prices expected to rise in 2018; yearly average projected to be $2.57

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The Southern Illinoisan is reporting, “According to the petroleum experts at Gas Buddy, gas prices in the United States are projected to be the highest it has been in a few years.

U.S. oil inventories started the new year with about 50 million fewer barrels of oil than the previous year and exports of crude oil and refinery projects have risen to record levels since restrictions were lifted in December 2015, contributing to less supply as exports rise, Gas Buddy reports.

“Motorists probably won’t be getting pumped up to pay more at the pump this year, but should find some solace in knowing we won’t come anywhere near record prices this year while most of the country will continue to see plenty of prices in the $2 per gallon range,” Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis with Gas Buddy, said in a statement…”

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