TRIBUNE: A deep dive into Michigan’s eerie, beautiful Shipwreck Coast

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The Chicago Tribune is reporting, “The Shipwreck Coast — a stretch of shallow waters at the southern end of Lake Superior that’s littered with hundreds of doomed vessels — can be found in the shadow of the Au Sable Point Lighthouse.

How’s that for irony?

The history in this nook of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is grim. Sean Ley of the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum estimates that of the 600 shipwrecks on Lake Superior’s floor, a third are clustered on the coast here between Munising and Paradise, Mich., where the museum sits on Whitefish Point.

But on the bright side of this dark reality: The artifacts are accessible. Masts from some of the shipwrecks protrude from the water a century after sinking. The remains of other wrecked vessels rest at the shoreline like beached whales. And those that are fully sunk require only a quick trip on a glass-bottom boat to inspect…”

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