TRIBUNE: Bitcoin, Arby’s, fake news: Internet April Fools’ pranks you may have missed yesterday

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The Chicago Tribune is reporting, “A pril Fools’ Day was on a Sunday and on Easter this year, which isn’t the best scenario for all the thirsty brands looking to get their pranks into the weekday news cycle. Based on our email inbox, many of the brands have settled on the same workaround: Just start their jokes early.

As of the Wednesday before April Fools’, brands had already launched a fake beer line, a study pillow and a salon that makes you look like your dog. April Fools’ Day can be clever on the Internet – but it has also, increasingly, become a day where your social media feeds are flooded with on-brand corporate pranks, pleading for your retweets. A few brands are trying to grow their power by collaborating, which is worrying.

Here’s our list of all the 2018 April Fools’ Day online pranks…”

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