TRIBUNE: Black rhino Layla gets a forklift-aided CT scan in Brookfield

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The Chicago Tribune is reporting, “The forklift in the rhino enclosure and the team of at least 40 people around it were some of the signs that Tuesday was not a normal day at Brookfield Zoo.

So was the bellow that came from the general direction of Layla, the zoo’s 7 1/2-year-old eastern black rhinoceros with profound dental issues. That noise, Dr. Michael Adkesson, the zoo’s vice president of clinical medicine, confirmed, was the tranquilizer dart striking the animal in a leg, where the animal’s thick hide is a little thinner.

For the next six hours, aided by a subsequent IV anesthesia drip, Layla would be off in whatever dreamland it is that rhinos visit, while an elephant ventilator helped her breathe and teams of specialists helped her live…”

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