TRIBUNE: Downstate Illinois vote could be primary election key for both parties

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The Chicago Tribune is reporting, “At a recent Democratic governor candidate forum, J.B. Pritzker dropped some local touchstones into his opening remarks.

“I’ve been listening to people all across the state of Illinois, especially those here in central Illinois, and how neglected you all have been,” he told the audience at the University of Illinois at Springfield. “Specifically, I’ve listened to the students and faculty here at UIS, to parishioners at Union Baptist Church, the farmers at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur and to early childhood educators in Champaign.”

The church has a predominantly African-American congregation, dating back to 1871. The farm show is the Lollapalooza of the agriculture business. And Pritzker mentioning them was a way to demonstrate his Downstate bona fides…”

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