TRIBUNE: How Fox Lake brothers prepared to be dropped in wilderness for History channel’s ‘Alone’

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The Tribune is reporting, “Fox Lake brothers Brad and Josh Richardson skin, boil and eat a raccoon on the History channel’s survival series “Alone” — and that’s just in the casting special.

The Richardsons are the youngest of the seven pairs chosen for the series’ fourth season, set to premiere 9 p.m. Thursday. The team that survives the wilderness of rainy, rugged northern Vancouver Island the longest with 10 items to help them sleep, cook, hunt or keep clean and camera and safety gear provided by production wins $500,000.

The series is typically an individual competition, so the inclusion of pairs of family members is new this season. But in a twist, each team is split up and dropped in the wilderness more than 10 miles apart at the start of the show. While one person sets up camp, the other must find his or her partner using only a compass…”

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