WSIL: Broke Williamson County Pre-K program preparing to close

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WSIL is reporting, “Leaders of the Williamson County Pre-K program said if Illinois doesn’t come up with some operating money by July 1, the program will shut down.

“We’ve literally had to pack it all up because keys were taken away from all the staff,” said Michelle Baxter, program coordinator.

After 12 years of helping young children prepare for kindergarten, the rooms may soon sit empty.

Williamson County’s Pre-K program has run out of money, meaning more than 600 kids won’t have a place to go, and nearly 50 staff members will lose their jobs.

That leaves Baxter fearing for both.

“Number one is my kids, number two is my staff,” she said. “What are they going to do? How are they going to support their families?”

She said the program has already maxed out a bank loan that kept it operating in the face of late payments from Illinois. She described the state’s current budget crisis as unlike anything she’s ever seen…”


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