WSIL: POLITICO: Illinois governor most-likely to lose re-election

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WSIL is reporting, “One of the country’s top political news sites has named the Illinois governor’s race as the one most-likely to be won by the challenger.

POLITICO listed 10 gubernatorial races to watch in 2018.

It said the governorship in Illinois was most-likely to switch parties, noting Gov. Bruce Rauner’s unpopularity.

“Years of strife with Illinois Democrats has left Rauner in a weak position,” the site writes. “One of the governor’s strengths is his wealth, which Rauner has poured into advertising in Illinois. But billionaire J.B. Pritzker has emerged as the front-runner to face Rauner and will be able to match the governor in spending if he wins the [Democratic] nomination.”…”

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